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Dear Monsieur Bonnefoy .


In order: Koujaku, Noiz, Clear, Mink, Ren. Bad ends included. :U

Nothing for Virus and and the only clip I have for Trip is Aoba screaming to get the lion to stop clawing him in the asshole. :/


noiz’s seiyuu being a bottom

audio from Ringo ni Hachimitsu drama cd


Possibly one of the greatest narrations in the history of anime

☄ Picture of you
♥ Name of crush
☯ Religion
✉ State of origin
♬ Favorite song/s
♪ Favorite band
☑ Full name
Ω Favorite Book
♘ Favorite Animal
✞ Are you religious
☥ Cats or dogs
☝ Dominant hand
♨ Ocean or Lake
♉ Star Sign
♧ Eye color
✌ Favorite character
✏ Writer or reader
☪ Hair color
♂ Gender
✈ Last vacation
☍ Silver or gold

I was tagged by the fag mr-kumakichi to post three selfies.

I guess I have to tag people to do the same so, ohcheye, laughing-my-way-to-insanity, and  huntybitchesdoitwell


ViTri doujinshi 2nd part realised!  (oooooh it’s getting hot :3)

Here if you wanna read 1st part


  • 3rd part will be realised on 16/05
  • last part will be realised on 23/05


this isn’t the best but i made this for nana awhile back and i feel bad because i haven’t been posting anything exciting


For obsessivelychangesurl, who said that this post reminded them of Trip and Welter. Drew the 5th image because…I couldn’t leave Virus out, could I? One big happy family ( ´∀`)




Allo, Mon petit. Come let big brother France show you the ways to love, art, and romance. If you'd like to be informal please allow yourself to call me Francis: Francis Bonnefoy. The country of PASSION.



Height: 5’9”

Birthday: July 14th

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde


Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Religious: Catholic

Exclusive Relationships

Significant Other:


[This is a role playing blog of Hetalia's own France. This is not a multiship blog, unless your AU is of interest to me. I don't own the show or the character.]

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